The Group

Fleggaard Holding A/S

The Fleggaard Holding, or Fleggaard Group, is a traditional Danish conglomerate owner of Click Entertainment and other companies.

Through the years, Fleggaard has had a strategic focus on spreading group activities; Reaching across various industries, serving different segments and markets, and being now one of Denmark’s largest family-owned groups.

The activities and business areas of the group cover a wide field. However, those areas are concentrated in three core ones: retail, wholesale and car leasing.

In addition, Fleggaard has a number of other activities. Individually, each company holds a rich portfolio of opportunities, products and services. Combined, they form a whole, where synergy and innovation benefit the group’s employees, customers and collaborators.

Our efficiency in constantly developing business areas is a key element of the group’s strategy. This applies to the development of existing companies,  through organic growth or targeted acquisitions, and to new projects or companies that can reach the next level with our competencies.

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