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EA Games is one of the top three largest video games publishers in the world.

Electronic Arts Inc is an American developer, publisher, marketer and distributor of video games worldwide commonly known as EA Games. As of 2011, EA Games is the third largest gaming company in the world. The company settled on their name due to a strongly held belief that video games were an art form and that its developers should be seen as software artists. The respect for their developers lead to EA sharing their profits with them and meant EA was able to attract the best in the business. EA is perhaps best known for producing a vast array of sports simulation games including franchise titles such as Madden, NFL, FIFA, NHL, NBA Live and SSX. They were also the first developer to consider launching new sports titles yearly with improvements, tweaks and updated player and team information. Other EA titles outside of the sporting world include, Battlefield, Need for Speed, Medal of Honour, Command & Conquer and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic produced in partnership with LucasArts.