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Nintendo DSi – Successor in the Nintendo DS series, primary rival to the Sony PSP

The Nintendo DSi is a dual-screen handheld game console and the third module of Nintendo DS, it has larger screens and is slimmer than the DS and DS lite. The DSi is packed with excellent features that mean it gaming isn’t the only fun to be had on the go. The DSi features two built in digital cameras and 11 different photo lenses to help you edit the images you take.

The DSi also contains an application called Nintendo DSi Sound, which allows you to play your favourite music and podcasts wherever you are, while also being able to record and edit sound clips via the built in microphone. One of the key developments Nintendo made with the DSi (after seeking feedback from consumers’ of the DS) is an improved volume and audio quality; this makes your music sound great with or without headphones.

Along with the touchscreen, the microphone and camera functions are designed to work together to make a complete portable experience; Masato Kuwahara, of Nintendo’s Development Engineering Department, described touchscreen as the Nintendo DS’s sense of touch, and the microphone as its “ears”; and naturally the two cameras make up its eyes.

A key component of the DSi’s development is the ability to personalise it so that it suits your needs in particular. The Nintendo DSi Shop gives you access to vast and growing library of games, DSiWare and applications to help you personalise you DSi and make the most of the various features it has.