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Nintendo DS Lite - Lightweight dual-screen portable gaming console

The Nintendo DS Lite is a more lightweight, brighter and slimmer remodel of the original dual screen handheld video game console Nintendo DS. Like its predecessor it is backwards compatible with all Game Boy Advance games and uses the stylus directly on its touch screen. The DS Lite features two backlit super sharp LCD screens. The dual screens open up gaming in a fantastic manner of ways including allowing the action to take place on one screen while maps are viewed on the other, or for two completely different viewpoints of the same action to be given simultaneously. The lower screen features touch screen technology, which gives a new hands-on approach to controlling action, or navigating menus and can be used to draw pictures with PictoChat that you can then share with friends. The microphone function is another way the DS Lite allows you to communicate with friends in selected games. Shipments of the DS Lite have reached 93.86 million units worldwide, according to Nintendo. 


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