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Nintendo 3DS XL - The largest console innovation in portable 3D gaming

The Nintendo 3DS XL is the biggest thing in portable 3D gaming boasting a brilliant 4.8 inch screen (90% larger than the screen on the regular 3DS). Not only is the screen bigger, allowing you to enjoy the splendid graphics and game play even more, the battery life is also bigger too as is the memory card with a 4 GB memory card. Like the 3DS, The 3DS XL is a portable game console that is capable of projecting stereoscopic 3D effects that do not require 3D glasses or other accessories to view.

The console comes with various pre-loaded applications including an online distribution store called Nintendo eShop, an internet Browser, Netflix, YouTube streaming services, Hulu Plus, Nintendo's social networking service called Miiverse, a messaging service called Nintendo Letter Box, Nintendo video and Mii Maker.

There is a range of colours to chose from for 3DS XL including red, blue and Silver. The 3DS XL can play all existing 3DS titles and most of the available DS titles as well. 


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